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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Pinoy Movies Reviewed

Over the past few years, the philippine movie has suffered big losses. This viewed by the majority of the critics as a result of poor story concepts and acting qualities. Not only that the talent side of the industry is dragging it down, the technology side of it is adding some weight too.

Our actors are acting like it was 10, 15 years ago. Our stories are short of a rehash of past movies. Even worse is when we actually copy or spoof foreign movies.

Steps must be made to improve the quality of our movies. Silverscreen viewing has steadily declined in years that even foreign movies are having a set back in attendance. How much more for a local one.

Our movies should be made so that people will be going to theater to fully appreciate the movie. Or else, people will just be satisfied in watching the movie over pirated cds. If our film is of quality, people are willing to watch the originals and keep a good copy because they can share it to their young. But if our movies are crappy, then people will not even bother.

Gone are the days when people talk about the scenes in the movie. They can recall scenes and impart them. Students used to talk about them in school. But now, our movies are driven by issues to sell.

This is what this blog is. Review the movie. Give insights on how the movie stands.